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Plasmid pUC19 DNA

The pUC19 plasmid (2,686 bp) confers ampicillin resistance and complement defects in β-galactosidase in appropriate host strains. The multiple cloning site (MCS) is within the B-galactosidase gene; the plasmid has thirteen unique sites in the MCS (Acc I, BamH I, EcoR I, Hinc II, Hind III, Kpn I, Pst I, Sac I, Sal I, Sma I, Sph I, Xba I, and Xma I).         
Concentration            0.2 mg/ml or 1 mg/ml
 Buffer        10mM Tris-HCl, pH 7.5, 1mM EDTA
 Storage      -20оС